the 100 most memorable moments in soap history

The most recent moment to make the list, the kiss between Luke Snyder & Noah Mayer (Van Hansis & Jake Silbermann) was daytime's first real kiss between two men, but it ranks this high because of how well ATWT brought it off. Unlike AMC's Bianca/Lena smooch four years earlier, it was not plugged as a gimmick, then quickly dropped. The scene itself was not hyped as scandalous or sexy; it unfolded naturally, believably, and beautifully. Luke & Noah (AKA Nuke) immediately soared in popularity with no major backlash from anybody, except maybe from die-hard Nuke fans who want the couple featured five days a week. Even when the rest of ATWT seems subpar, the Nuke storyline since The Kiss has soared, resulting in more make-you-take-note moments than any soap has offered up this decade.

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